Found this little critter crawling on my floor recently.

(So very creepy and crawly)


I recognized him as the living kin of the dead critters I found amongst my cashmere sweaters last fall when I took them out to wear. 15 of said sweaters (both mine and John’s) had massive holes in them. WTF people? I thought A. Verbasci (that’s the latin name for moth larvae in case you are wondering) did not stick around during cold months. AGH!!!! My skin crawls just thinking of these little hazards crawling amongst our clothes making holes.

(Larval form of Anthrenus verbasci – similar to the one found on my bed)

Last year they got 15 sweaters, 2 cashmere scarves, and 1 absolutely adorable very european looking mini-scarf that I had bought for Emma. What to do?!? Let’s be clear on one thing – I am not afraid of critters. I caught a mouse in the attic last week that had been keeping me up at night scurrying around up there. I set traps, but ultimately ended up killing that sucker with d-Con. I then grabbed him by the tail, chucked him in the trash, and felt huge relief.

(d-Con, aka rat poison)

Truthfully, it was the highlight of our week here at Chez Pless and every night since the “mousehunt” Emma and Sophie have been begging me to go upstairs in the cold spooky attic and see if we’ve caught more mice. No more scurrying up above, therefore no more trips to the attic. For now…

(Emma and the mousetrap that didn’t work)

I seem to have a thing for critters… Again, I am not a sissy. Earlier this winter I sat on the sofa in Vermont and smelled a stench. First blamed my husband for stench, and then realized stench came from under the blanket beside me. Low and behold, two dead mice had curled up under the blanket that was on the couch and died. I barely flinched. Again, thank you d-Con.

Small field mice I can handle. Bugs that eat retail goods are a whole different story. I. Want. Them. Gone.

I had dreams. Big dreams. Dreams of a home that had it’s very own cedar closet that would mean no more moth holes. Ever. A few days back I was discussing the hole-in-sweater situation with a friend and she killed my dreams. She said they have infiltrated her cedar closet. Stop the insanity people! Stop it.

Please please please someone tell me a way to get rid of them?!?!?

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