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When it comes to innovative ideas I think we all know the old saying – “Two heads are better than one.” Well when you get three incredibly smart and inspired women together you are sure to come up with an outstanding idea. The newest to hit the market is an online business that will make your life much easier. QuadJobs is a website recently launched by Andra Newman, Betsy O’Reilly, and Bridie Loverro (all women who have been inspiring me for years) and it aims to satisfy all your staffing needs big and small. Looking for a babysitter in a pinch? Hit up their site. Overwhelmed by Christmas cards and wrapping gifts? They’ve got a student who can get it done in a jiffy. Does your business need extra employees during your busiest times of year? They’ve got your guy or girl! QuadJobs is a subscription service that gives you access to and reviews for intelligent hard-working college and graduate students in your local area. And the best part is that you can feel good about helping students build a solid resume and get work experience by hiring them and reviewing their work on the site. It’s a win-win for all involved!

QuadJobs on The Sentmimentalist

Co-Founders Betsy O’Reilly, Andre Newman, and Bridie Loverro

Q&A with Betsy O’Reilly, CEO and Co-Founder of QuadJobs

What is QuadJobs?

QuadJobs is an online marketplace that connects employers in our community to college and graduate students looking for work. We’ve taken the Uber model and applied it to finding flexible, smart help for your home and office. Employers can reach whatever help they need – whether it is a part-time hire for a business during a busy season, a few strong backs to move furniture, bartenders for a party, or a regular babysitter – by tapping into previously hard-to-reach labor pool of college and graduate students in our area. Most importantly, QuadJobs tracks every job a student takes and gathers reviews from employers based on their job performance. This creates a clear track record of work experience, which we call a student’s “JobGPA.” Employers can reference that JobGPA to make an informed hire.

How was the concept for this site conceived? Did you see a hole in the market for this type of service?

We not only saw a hole, we felt it. There was no efficient way to post jobs to college students and we found ourselves wishing for one, both in our personal and professional lives. And from the other direction, talking to students, we realized they were frustrated by existing resources. College students need extra income — 85% are currently receiving financial aid — and they also need help launching their careers. On QuadJobs, every job a student takes counts toward their JobGPA. Our students have something very real to show when they graduate. We wanted to create a business that would not only benefit the households and businesses in our community, but hardworking students as well.

Who is your ideal client?

Local business owners, households, non-profits, summer camps, retail stores… and the list goes on. College students are uniquely attractive to a wide range of potential employers.

QuadJobs on The Sentimentalist

How do you find your college students and why should your subscribers feel confident that they are getting access to a strong, smart, credible student population?

Our school captains are on the ground at each campus, bringing their peers on board and offering support. Along with the help we’ve gotten from career services, these captains have been our best channel for reaching the student body and they’re doing a great job. All students need an active .edu address to join QuadJobs. We also give students the opportunity to take a background screen, which is then displayed as part of their profile.

What are the fees associated with the site?

For $8.95/ month, employers will be able to post unlimited jobs. The site is free to students. Fees are negotiated between the employer and the student, and payment is handled directly between them as well.

QuadJobs on The Sentimentalist

The site is easy to navigate and very self-explanatory!

What kind of jobs might you be able to help people fill?

For households, everything from dog walkers to math tutors, babysitters to power-washers. Follow us on Twitter @QuadJobs14 for more ideas about tackling your To Do list using QuadJobs. We’ve gotten a great response from local business owners. Retail stores are saying that QuadJobs can help them quickly ramp up to do inventory or add part-time staff during a holiday crunch. Caterers are a focus for us, since college students are a natural fit to serve guests. Summer camps and children’s programs will be able to quickly reach out to local students to find the staff they need.

Do you envision working with people or businesses who need to fill jobs?

We’re excited to have both on board. This community is our home and we’re excited to bring this service to its many parts.

What’s next for QuadJobs?

We’re focused on Fairfield County and Westchester, and will expand after we’ve established the business here.

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