Boast is here to stay!


Sentimentalist sponsor and one of my favorite brands in town has taken up a new residence. Boast can now be found at the top of Greenwich Avenue and they are there to stay. Their new store is fresh and well organized. I’m into a shopping space that feels manageable and easy to navigate. I adore their new fall items – both for adults and kiddos too. The tennis/workout clothes are great and I am totally digging the retro daywear – so very stylishly 70s. The orange and green skirts below would look perfect with my Stan Smiths. And the men’s bathing suit with the rainbow detail? Amazing. For all my lucky readers Boast is offering 15% off both online and in stores. Use the code “LPFriends” for online orders or just mention that you are a friend of The Sentimentalist when you go into the store. Offer is good now through November 15th. It’s never too early to start your holiday shopping (especially if you have a baby coming right around Thanksgiving – ha!) so head on in and get some gear. I LOVE the racket bags too… Great for gifting!

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