Boast is here to stay!

Sentimentalist sponsor and one of my favorite brands in town has taken up a new residence. Boast can now be found at the top of Greenwich Avenue and they are there to stay. Their new store is fresh and well organized. I’m into a shopping space that feels manageable and easy to navigate. I adore… read more

Greenwich Sidewalk Sales!

It’s going to be a busy a weekend on Greenwich Avenue. The sidewalk sales are running straight thru Sunday. If you can secure yourself a parking spot there is shopping that is not to be missed. I snuck by the Johnnie-O Tent Sale right behind Saks yesterday and scored a bunch of great things. $20… read more

Don’t mean to boast but…

We’ve got Santa!!! I mean it. We’ve got Santa. And cocoa. And donuts. And Bloody Marys (with alcohol)… Can you imagine a better way to shop? If you haven’t seen the big guy yet please join us this Saturday bright and early for a special event. We’ll be at the BOAST pop-up shop on East Putnam Ave. (right… read more