Art: Abandoned Beauty by Niki Feijen

We as humans are creators. We tinker and toil and make things – sometimes permanent and sometimes ephemeral. Dutch photographer Niki Feijen has become obsessed with capturing the decay that remains once we have abandoned some of our most majestic creations. Feijen has found the places where people have walked away, time stands still, and nature takes over. He uses Google Earth to remotely scout potential locations, focusing in on asylums, deserted amusement parks, and abandoned mansions. His work will soon be featured in his new book Frozen. Since boyhood Feijen has been obsessed with abandoned properties – and he now recalls that the “spooky house” on his parents road was the first space that piqued his interest in a style that has come to be known as Urban Exploration or “Urbex” for short. Who knew there could be such beauty in a state of ruin.  

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