Getting Cozy with Elile Loom

With snow having been dumped on 90% of the US, there is no better time to think about getting cozy. Today I bring you blankets, towels, dish rags, and robes that are sure to make you feel swaddled in love post outdoor activity, chores, or bath. My dear friend from college (who is a master of reinvention!) spent more than 2 decades working in TV. She then left the industry for other projects and to raise her 4 children full time. When her husband was diagnosed with cancer she saw the havoc that dyed and chemically treated materials did on his skin after chemotherapy. Sara, never one to sit back and wait for solutions, had recently travelled to Turkey to visit family. There she found 100% cotton organic towels that were heaven on the body and seemed to not affect her husband’s sensitive skin. And that is the birth story behind Elile Loom, which means “By Hand” in Turkish. Elile Loom Turkish Towels are hand-loomed with 100% GOTS certified organic Turkish cotton. The towels are never treated with any harsh chemicals or synthetics and only natural dyes are used so the towels are naturally anti-bacterial and nonirritating. 

I bought a bucketload of the lightweight towels a year ago and they were a dream at the pool and beach all summer long. They air-dry in 5-10 minutes. And they are thin enough to be easily packed for travel. With a new nephew in the family I can’t wait to order the baby blanket. And the hand towels and throws make wonderful hostess gifts at just the right price point. If you live locally, Sara is sure to be hosting a trunk show in Greenwich once Covid is over. And in the meantime you can visit her site here to order product to be shipped to your home. Side note – the bathrobe is also the perfect thing to add into your sweat-pant rotation. Lord knows I’m just about ready to burn every pair of pajamas I own. Get shopping!

A Place to Dwell

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Visual Comfort: Tatsuya Tanaka

I have always had a thing for miniatures. My husband often laments the shelves full of collections of “petits objets” I keep in our home. Piles of rocks from a long hike on vacation, seashells from a day at the beach, or small iron animals that once lived on my grandmother’s entryway shelves. I keep… read more

What I’ve Been Reading

Not going to lie, never have I ever binge watched TV like I did this past year. As I type I have dark circles around my eyes from watching Bridgerton episodes until midnight. That being said, all this time at home has also reminded me that tucking into a good book at bedtime is a… read more

This I Know

It’s official. Today marks the 8th anniversary of the blog. You can find my first post here. We’ve come a long way baby. Each year on the anniversary of the blog I try to take a look back and see how things have shifted since I began. Is the content still valuable? Does writing still… read more

Great Local Brand: Zipped

This little pouch is my favorite acquisition of quarantine. The brand is Zipped and it was created by two local moms. You know I love it when mamas put their heads together and create a product that makes life easier and more organized for others. It can literally be used for anything. From collections of… read more

How We Choose to See It

For weeks I have been hemming and hawing over some long form writing pieces. And I just couldn’t find the words… I wrote, and rewrote, and edited, and re-edited. I’d get about three paragraphs in and be distracted or torn away from my desk to do other things that seemed more imperative. And then today… read more

Where do we go from here?

I finally had “that week”. The one where the uncertainty felt too much, death from COVID felt too close to home, the schoolwork felt too frustrating, and the indoor time made my skin crawl. I wanted to get the kids outside, but the rain limited options. I lost my shit on my husband, and started… read more

When The Days All Feel The Same

During this challenging time I keep hearing people say that the days seem to fly by and nobody is getting anything done. I also hear, “It’s like groundhog day. I can’t even keep track of what day of the week it is! They all feel the same.” This frenetic sense of time flying by and… read more

Grateful For, Working On, Proud Of

How are you all friends? I wanted to share how we are doing in our home. Some things that are working, and some things that have been difficult. It’s our story right now. More and more I am feeling called to share my story on this blog with the hopes that in the sharing, it… read more