Holding On Tight

*Images by Candy Shop Photography I have been cataloguing images recently and it has me in a very sentimental mood. I have the images seared into my mind that show me where I have been these last few years, and how I’ve spent my time. The photos show me what matters most. My marriage is… read more

Music: Hello

On this dreary day here in Connecticut I am digging on Adele’s new song Hello. As is the custom with Adele’s albums her debut song does not disappoint. It’s bluesy, strong, and passionate. I’ve had it on repeat all week… x https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQHsXMglC9A

Music: Uptown Funk

x https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPf0YbXqDm0 It’s Monday! No better time to get your booty shakin’ and your groove on. Lack of sleep is making mama a little delirious so my baby boy and I are going to spend the day listening to this fabulous tune by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. “Uptown Funk” is sure to be a… read more

Fall: It’s all about the music…

My musical tastes change seasonally. There are certain songs that just scream summer to me and others that are perfect for sitting in front of a fire mid-winter. Fall is hereĀ and these are the songs I’ll be listening to on repeat over the next few months. I’ve used a site called Soundcloud to create this… read more

Where’d you go music video?

I can remember in my early teens watching hours and hours of videos on MTV. Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” was one of the first I ever saw (mind blowing!) and Madonna on the beach in “Cherish” was an all time favorite. Who here knows what I am talking about? Now I sadly wouldn’t even know where… read more

The Summer Playlist

This ain’t your mama’s playlist. For this awesome summer line up I called in one of the hottest DJs around. I first heard Chris Sealey DJ at a dear friend’s wedding years ago and since then he’s built quite the reputation. Chris has played in 20 countries and worked at events for everyone from Mick… read more

Hopeless Wanderer

Oh Friday… Here you are again. A weekend lies ahead. Relaxation is needed. Laughter is mandatory. Watch this music video and you are on your way. Hopeless Wanderer – Mumford & Sons Come on now? Admit it. You laughed while watching. Director Sam Jones, you and I must become friends. And the actors? Ed Helms,… read more

Monday Music Memories

Let’s do it. Let’s go back. Way back. Back to a time when you wore crop tops. A time when your jeans were “pegged ” at the ankle and a flannel shirt was synched around your waist. Snapple Peach Iced Tea and Blow Pops qualified as a food group. Your first concert? It must have… read more

Get up, get dressed, and get dancing!

A good outfit and a great song can go a long way… I’d say these pairings fit very nicely together. Start your Monday with a chic look and a carefree dance. It’s always the right choice. (Click on the bolded text to hear the songs I’ve paired with each look.) You can tell this lady… read more

The Sentimentalist Soundtrack

I love music. It makes me feel. Literally I can listen to particular songs and be brought to tears. And there are also those full-of-life records that just make you want to get up and dance. Admit it. You wish you had your own soundtrack every day. Me too. Today’s playlist? Maybe you wake up… read more