These are the things I’ve been digging on this month. The images, words, and people that have made me wonder deeper, breathe more easily, and remember what matters. If something hits my heart I screenshot it. Revisiting this album fascinated me. What are you inspired enough to screenshot for future reminders??? What if every day… read more

When The Days All Feel The Same

During this challenging time I keep hearing people say that the days seem to fly by and nobody is getting anything done. I also hear, “It’s like groundhog day. I can’t even keep track of what day of the week it is! They all feel the same.” This frenetic sense of time flying by and… read more

Keep Calm and Shop On

Just a few of my favorite things right now. I know that anxiety is running high for many with news of coronavirus getting worse and worse. Despite my inclination to veer towards hysteria, I am staying calm, washing hands, and still booked to get on a plane in two weeks for spring break. I was… read more

Monday Feels

This video. I just can’t. Did you watch the Oscars? Hope this gets your Monday started on the right foot. Trevor Noah and the Daily Show staff crack me up. And Roy Wood Jr. he is just too good. x

Why We All Need to Recycle

I am proud to say that thanks to a few close friends and a large bunch of their supporters, plastic bags were recently banned in our town. You can read more about that movement here. I stumbled upon this Now This video about what happens to items when they are a part of single stream… read more

Inspiration: Welcome Fall!


Links I Love: August

Here are some of my favorite links from around the web this month. Click on the bolded word to be forwarded to the links! This article by Lindsey Mead so poignantly expresses how I feel every day. This might just be the perfect way to always be prepared for a siesta! I am really feeling “over”… read more

May: Links I Love

It’s been a while since I have posted a line up of links I love. Here is what I have been loving from around the web these days… This video is hysterical. If you are a parent of a young child you will relate. Trust me. I’ve listened to one of these TED Talks so far…. read more

February: Links I Love

I am so all about female validation. It’s my love language. I’ve heard there are many health benefits to drinking from a copper water bottle. Just ordered this one from Amazon. Will keep you posted. People always compliment my pics on Instagram. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to using lots of tech-tricks to… read more

January: Links I Love

Here are a few of my favorite links from around the web this month. Click the bolded word to be redirected to the links. This blog post is my new year’s resolution. Have you thought about “putting something down”? I am a terrible sleeper. This breathing technique has worked for me 5 nights in a row… read more