Go See: Men, Women, and Children

Men, Women, and Children on The Sentimentalist

As a parent raising children in this technologically overloaded world I can’t help but wonder how the web, smart phones, iPads, and video games will change the landscape of our most intimate relationships. “Men, Women, and Children is the newest film from Jason Reitman (best known for his films Thank you for Smoking, Up In the Air, Juno, and Young Adult) and it explores this very topic. In this movie Reitman tackles the role social media and the internet play in teenagers lives. The cast includes Jennifer Garner, Ansel Egort (The Fault in Our Stars), Emma Thompson, and Adam Sandler – just to name a few. It looks evocative, emotional, and insightful. I can’t wait for it to hit the theaters on Oct. 17th.


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