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Over the last year I have been doing a major face project – reconstructing my brows. It all started with a vision. Much like the perfectly shaped brow below I wanted sleek brows with just the right amount of arch and a touch of edgy tossed in.

I’d say I am 85 percent there.BetterBrowsAs they grow – and I continue to get them shaped monthly I’ve been relying on L’Oréal’s Brow Stylist Sculptor and Maybelline’s Brow Drama to keep my strays in line. I use the brown side of the pencil to fill in any gaps and give a more distinct arch to my brows. I use the wax side of the pencil to smooth strays that grow in the wrong direction. The Brow Brush I use to add some volume and to create a slightly bushy look in the thickest part of my brow near the bridge of my nose. Both products are great and super affordable.

Here’s some more inspiration! I’m loving the look of these brows below…

Brows   images: Pinterest

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