Beautycounter for Men

Anyone who knows my chainsaw wielding man, knows that he is far from a metrosexual. For most of our relationship his toiletry kit contained toothpaste, deodorant, and a razor – and washing his face meant a brisk splash of water before bed. Two years ago I discreetly placed a stand up container of face wash in a masculine grey bottle on the sink top and crossed my fingers he would use it from time to time. It was made for women, but looked very unisex. And now he “claims” he uses it every night. I suspect part of the reason he uses it has something to do with the “no washy, no kissy” rule after hours in our bedroom.

There are many reasons for men to get on board with caring about their skincare. Believe it or not, men age too (albeit more slowly than women). I while I am less concerned about wrinkles for my man, I am more concerned about long term clogged pores and what it means to let all the toxins in the air stay on his face while he sleeps. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was when Beautycounter recently launched their mens line aptly named Counterman. It’s made just for men, and the packaging says just that. It’s also so much better for you. What Beautycounter means by that in al their brands, is over 1,500 questionable ingredients are never used in their formulations. Paraben free 100%. I also think there are many moms out there who might want to recommend it to their teenage sons. Bad skin causes a lot of anxiety for boys and girls as they make their way through puberty. I also was interested to read in this article that parabens (and other environmental toxins) can affect sperm count and quality in men. That is something to seriously consider for men who will one day procreate. Because this is “made for men”, it might be an easier to sell to your young man. Below are a few of my favorite items.

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