Beauty: Laser Hair Removal

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Sophie Loren, beautiful. Sophia’s Loren’s hairy armpits? Not so beautiful. This is a public service announcement to any and all who would like to cut their shower time by a third and finally get around to laser hair removal. It’s bathing suit season so I thought this blog post was quite timely. My male readers are now excused to click away from this page and back to what they were reading before they jumped on the blog. As a busy mom of three I shave my armpits daily but have time to shave my legs roughly once every 10-12 days. It ain’t pretty. And bikini line maintenance, you don’t even want to know how infrequently I tackle that task. I had been meaning to try laser hair removal for years and finally found a fabulous cosmetologist and esthetician in Queens who has a salon in her home where she does laser hair removal among other beautifying treatments. She has a state of the art machine that blows cool air on your skin while the laser zaps the hair follicles. That makes it much less painful. It’s a 25 minute drive from where I live in Greenwich, and I am there all of 45 minutes while she lasers my armpits and bikini line. Added bonus – she does a fabulous eyebrow wax as well. I have done 3 sessions so far and barely have any armpit hair left. The bikini line will most likely take 5-6 treatments. Call Larissa at 718-468-5864 to book an appointment.

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  1. Nice post..Pic says all..
    It is not easy to maintain and remove unwanted hairs regularly. Permanent hair removal techniques are the best way to get rid f this.

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