Pearly Whites

Red Wine, Coffee, Chocolate, and Berries… All God’s gifts to our universe. Alas they sometimes leave a lasting impression where lasting impressions are very much unwanted. We all know the drill. A glass of red wine, and a top-off, and a top-off and a top-off… and voila! You have stained lips and tinted teeth. Eek! As you bid adieu you end up flashing your not-so-pearly whites to anyone within eyeshot. Quelle horreur! If you, like me, enjoy a glass of wine or two when out and about then Pearly Wipes might just be your new best friend. The purse-friendly compact contains 15 wipes soaked in ingredients like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin, and peppermint which leave you with fresh breath while also removing nasty stains left by coffee, tea, and wine. It’s something to smile about. Ta da!

Love the little mirror inside the case. How very convenient.

And travel size single packs? Genius. Put one in every purse.

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