Skincare: Dr. Dennis Gross

Dr. Dennis Gross on The Sent

In my quest to find a better skincare regime I have asked many friends about the products they use. One friend recently reminded me about the Dr. Dennis Gross product line. I had forgotten that I used his Alpha Beta Peel Cloths back when I lived in NYC. I was sleep deprived and dehydrated regularly (Hello too many pink Cosmos!), and this product helped to keep my skin clear and smooth despite the debauchery. It’s a two step process where you wipe your face with a damp cloth that exfoliates and gently peels, and then two minutes later you wipe with a second cloth to deactivate the acids in the first cloth. I’ve been using them for 2 weeks, twice a week, and I notice a big difference in my skin. Less blemishes and my skin feels tighter and looks more smooth. Fingers crossed it will also rid me of the deep wrinkles between my two brows. One can always dream…

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  1. Next you need to try Rodan + Fields! I can send you a regimen to try & review. Honestly, after spending thousands at Saks & Greenwich Med Spa through the years, it has given me my best skin….there is a reason we were just named #1 Skincare Brand in the US & all of North America across all price points and all channels! : ) XOXO, CC

  2. So funny because I JUST used these tonight for the first time bc I had been given a sample from a store months ago and hadn’t used it yet.
    I hope for some positive results as well! Thanks for posting!

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