Midas Touch

If you asked those who know me well – they would say I am a 100% bonafide collector hoarder. I would disagree with them and say that I just really see the potential in old things. I am incapable of letting go of things for fear I will miss them. Nostalgia, you are my friend. Not so much my husband’s…

These small wooden bowls were purchased by moi – more than 8 years ago when I lived in New York City. I remember buying them down in Chinatown one Sunday afternoon as I strolled through Pearl River Market – it was a time when I had time to kill. Back then I was particularly interested in buying useless stuff… When I bought them I envisioned using them as salt and pepper bowls with small silver spoons. I never did find/buy those spoons. And so those bowls sat in the back of a cupboard and moved from Murray Hill to the Upper East Side to the CT suburbs. Well hello again old friends. So nice to see you all dolled up!

What it took:

How to:
1) Wipe surface with damp cloth to remove dust
2) Use smallest brush and lightly paint area you wish to gild with gilding adhesive
3) What 1 minute for adhesive to dry – it should be clear and slightly sticky to the touch
4) Lay gilding sheet over area covered with adhesive
5) Use largest brush to gently smooth out wrinkles and dust off excess gold

(*Gilding sheets can be used to create a smooth gold finish on surfaces. I chose to make mine look a little messy and unfinished. That’s just the way I roll…)

And then I went a little “gold” crazy! I had this simple wooden frame that I felt could use a little sprucing up. Agree?

Very blah.

Much better!

Perfect for the shrine that sits on my bureau. All the things I love…

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