The Bottom Line

If this bottom line is the goal?

This is the guy who is going to get us there.

Nothing like a 6’6″ former NFL Defensive End to get you motivated… Patrick Kerney is in very good shape. He also spent years training with the best of the best. He knows how to help others make muscles. Patrick was kind enough to do a customized “booty” work out just for The Sent. Don’t think I didn’t plan this to coincide with the onset of bathing suit season. Do it. This summer the other people at the beach will be grateful.

  • Do exercises three times a week
  • Unless otherwise specified do 3 sets of 10
  • Rest for 45 seconds between sets
  • Add weighted dumbbells if exercises feel too easy
  • During one legged standing exercises keep your weight on your heel so that you load the weight/work on your glute and not your quad

Reverse Lunge

  • 3 sets of 10 each leg
  • Forward shin stays perpendicular to the ground
  • Back leg reaches as far back as possible as you bend the front leg
  • The back knee should be barely skimming the ground
  • Front thigh remains parallel to the ground, upper body stays perpendicular to the ground
  • If possible don’t let your foot touch the ground when you return to standing position – it makes the exercise more challenging for the core

(I should have been smiling – I promise I was happy on the inside)

foot remains raised between lunges

Step Up

  • Use a stair or any stable box (we used a small speaker in the picture below)
  • Keep weight of boxed foot on heel
  • Drive up on boxed leg, lifting leg from ground, finishing when raised knee is parallel to ground
  • Push hips all the way through to really activate the glute muscles

Fire Hydrant

  • Kneel on all four
  • Keep elbows locked
  • Keep knee bent at 90 degree angle
  • Lift bent knee as high as you can towards “4pm”
  • Return knee to floor


Forward/Reverse Circles

  • Kneel on all four
  • Keep elbows locked
  • Keep knee bent at 90 degree angle
  • Bring leg forward towards chest, out to side, and back to starting position
  • Repeat reps by moving leg in continual circle
  • After three sets, redo in opposite direction

(Tracy Anderson makes her clients do this move)

(Clients include Gwyneth and Madonna – enough said)

Jane Fonda

  • Kneel on all four
  • Keep elbows locked
  • Pull knee all the way in to chest
  • Kick heel back and up as high and as fast as possible
  • Knee that is on the ground should leave the ground slightly as you swing other leg up into the air

(Jane Fonda’s body still looks awesome – now we know why)


Lateral Box Jump

  • Use same box used in Step Up
  • Do 10 reps and be sure to keep your eyes on the box at all times
  • Drive off heal and use arms to generate height
  • Shift feet on top of the box – stepping up and over box – stepping down on to one leg
  • One jump left and then one jump right count as 1 rep

(It’s like that old school “hop over the box” in step class – just harder)



  • Do 3/30 second holds
  • Place feet flat on the ground and keep hands by your side
  • Pull waist up as high as possible and hold pose at highest point
  • Weight should be on heels
  • To make this move tougher cross arms over chest

(Hello yoga move)

Single Leg Bridge

  • Repeat above exercise on one leg
  • Make sure to keep both thighs parallel throughout exercise
  • Weight stays on lower heel

(Hello harder yoga move)

weight on heel


Lateral Hamstring Reach

  • Kneel on all four
  • Keep elbows locked
  • Straighten one leg behind you
  • Keep toe of straight leg pointed straight down and just off the ground throughout the exercise
  • Reach with this leg as far forward as you can without breaking elbows or pointing toe away from the ground

(This one made me scream in pain)

Single Leg Squat

  • Keep upper body perpendicular to the ground
  • Rest top of back foot on physio ball, chair, or low step
  • Keep weight on heel of standing foot
  • Keep front shin perpendicular to the ground and bend knee until front thigh is parallel to the ground
  • Return to standing position by straightening front leg

(And yes – I fell many times during the filming of these exercises)

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