Amortizing Costs…

I have a fabulous neighbor. She is that woman who seems like she puts no effort into getting ready and always looks fresh-faced, put-together, and glowing. She’s the kind of mother who puts her family first and doesn’t splurge on goodies for herself. How she does it? I do not know…

We recently crossed paths between drop offs and pick ups, kids were running under foot, and we found 2 minutes and 26 seconds to talk about shoes. Not kid shoes, but NICE shoes. She was considering getting involved. I told her I regretted many things in my life, but buying the occasional expensive well-made pair of shoes was not one of them. I love shoes. Especially designer shoes. That being said I don’t own an extravagant number of pairs. Imelda Marcos I am not. But I will say to you all, as I said to the fabulous neighbor, good shoes feel better, wear longer, and make you happier than their designer impostors. AND if you amortize the cost of the shoes over the times worn – they actually become quite affordable.

If I were a shoe I would be this one.

{Converse Chuck Taylor: Cheap, comfortable, a little bit downtown, but easily turned preppy with the right attire.}

In my dreams I am this lovely lady.

{Christian Louboutin Pigalle – Sleek, sexy, long-legged, and always pulled together.}


In my next life I will be this gal.

{Sophia Webster -Wild, edgy, and not afraid to break rules.}

And this woman would be my best friend.

{Modern Vice – Great sense of humor, doesn’t take herself too seriously, and likes to have fun. Lots of fun.}

This little doll below is one of very few impostors I would buy. Zara has figured it out. Period. They retain a very reasonable price point while upping the quality year over year. I love their stuff.

{Zara -Suede is a dangerous buy because one unexpected rain storm and they are ruined. That’s why you go with the Zara suede pump. When she gets wet, you get over it. She only cost $89.90.}

Oh, and I couldn’t not include a sensible flat.

{Valentino – If I owned you Valentino Rockstud Patent Leather Flat I just know I would wear you twice a week and once on Saturday. My husband would find you to be “too edgy”, “too tough”, and “too complicated”. I would call you none of those things…}

So, my dear neighbor, in conclusion I think you can tell that I say “buy them!” You won’t regret it.

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