Bonfire and Vanity

By the Bonfire

By the Bonfire by lindleypless featuring birkenstock sandals

{Birkenstock Sandal $89.95H&M Top $17.95Rag & Bone Jeans $306LL Bean Hunter Tote $25Vineyard Vines Belt $37.99Rick Owens Scarf $410Sweet Romance Charm Bracelet $98}

It’s BONFIRE season people. A time to drag your beach chair down to the shore and light up a big flame. While roasting marshmallows have you ever seen one of those people in a wholly inappropriate beach outfit? For me, closed-toe shoes and wedges scream “I am SO not used to having sand between my toes.” To look the part you’ve got to become one with your environment. I’m talking about going outdoorsy people. Way outdoorsy. Crunchy outdoorsy. Birkenstock outdoorsy. Yup, we’re doing this thing. My Birkenstock Gizehs have been in hiding up at our house in VT for the last year. In June I busted them back out and they’ve been in rotation ever since. The best part? They are COM-FOR-TABLE!! John didn’t like them when I bought them 8 years ago and he doesn’t like them now. Meh, who says we have to dress for men anyway? The distressed jeans and slouchy gray t-shirt (H&M is now online!) ain’t too shabby either. And that L.L. Bean Tote? It’s pretty rad too – especially in camo.

And the inspiration…

via Le Catch

Selma Blair

Ashley Olsen

Harper’s Bazaar

Julianne Moore

Kate Moss

Miranda Kerr for Harper’s Bazaar UK

Arty Filles

** Rumor has it that Birkenstocks and socks are big this fall in the world of editorial fashion. I can’t say I’ll be taking it that far but I have learned to never say never…

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  1. What goes around comes around. We were doing that in the 70’s.

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