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Fall Favorites on The Sent

{Fall Picks: Zara Suede Skirt, Long Leather Glove, Frame Flared Jeans, JCrew Cape Jacket, Burberry Leather Ankle Boot, Cole Haan Oxford, Isabel Marant Cable Knit Sweater}

It’s coming… FALL! I am ready to layer up during the day and snuggle up in front of a fire pit at night. Who better to ask about her fall “must have” list than the suprememly talented stylist Janel Alexander. Below is a Q&A with Janel about what she’s digging for fall. And above are her picks for the best buys this season!

Q&A with Janel Alexander of Build by Janel

What are you seeing in this falls fashion trends that you like?

Fall is one of my favorite seasons in fashion! I love the opportunity to layer after a season of more openness in clothing. Having a lightweight jacket to layer over (and in some cases under) is the perfect opportunity to create a turning point for your wardrobe. Blazers, moto jackets (in suede and leather) and this seasons capelets and ponchos are fantastic transitional pieces to get your cooler weather juices flowing.

Any things that have come back from other decades?

Designers are constantly going back to previous decades for inspiration. The 60’s and 70’s continue to reign. 70’s Flares, colloutes and wider legs are not going anywhere in the form of denim and trousers. However, if this trend does not work for you, consider a less invasive option with more of a bootcut shape. The “wider at the bottom” silhouette makes everyone look longer and leaner.
Lower blocked heeled boots and shoes are making a comeback which many of us can appreciate for pure wearability sake. The trend is a specifically nice departure in the bootie category that has been immersed with the upside down triangular wooden heel.

Victorian era romanticism in the form of pussy bow blouses and velvet has also come back to make many Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey fans rejoice!

If you can only invest in one or two pieces what do you like most?

As the weather gets colder, it’s important to make sure your outer layers and “go to” pieces make you feel fantastic. You can have your PJ’s or sweatpants on and still be pulled together with a great coat and a pair of go to boots. Likewise, having a Fall coat that you can use to layer with gloves or under/over other outerwear in the winter allows you to get more mileage out of your wardrobe once the thermometer drops for an extended period of time. (aka… winter)

What pieces should you splurge on for the long haul and which should you buy a cheaper version of from a Zara or H&M type brand?

I often discuss the importance of investment pieces with clients. These are items that are worth the purchase because they will overreach just one season or one year (or hold their value if you choose to consign them!) Using “fast fashion” like Zara, H&M, Asos …. can be a good way to “try out” a trend. This can mean, buying something that will be a great piece you will enjoy and are OK with it being likely just for that season. It can also be a “trend” that you want to try out before making a bigger investment. In general, I think mixing in some highs and some lows to your wardrobe is the best way to keep it pulled together and unique to your own personal style!

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