Five Friday Updates

The gel manicure from this post – meh – could really take it or leave it. The issue is that I am a picker. Show me a pimple and I will show you how to pop it. A tangled necklace – I live to undo tricky knots. Same thing goes for chipping polish… Once the gel started to peel on day five I was in big trouble. I then proceeded to peel them off nail by nail – and what I was left with was nails that looked like this. Yikes!

Would I do the gel nails again? Yes, especially for a short weekend vacation. Does it last 2-3 weeks? Not for someone like me. Too many dishes, baths, and altogether too much hand washing. Does it leave your nails stripped and bumpy if you peel if off like the instructions tell you NOT to do? For sure.

If you remember back to this post you will remember that I promised there would be an “I told you so!” for that doctor who told me “I was getting older, and pain was a part of life.” I went in for my big moment and the nurse refused to let me see the doctor. Boo. She recommended that I book an appointment to have a conversation with him. Now that seemed like an ENORMOUS waste of our healthcare company’s dollars. I left my number, figured we could talk over the phone, and a week later still hadn’t heard back from him. I am not one who is easily deterred. Seven days later I went back to the office. I stood by the front desk and told the receptionist I would wait. She told me to take a seat and I told her I was fine to stand. She was not amused. I stood my ground. She whispered to her coworker as I stood my ground. Eventually they took me back to a room. I had a lovely conversation with Dr. Negative and told him that I was pain free after 8 weeks of physical therapy. He was thrilled, I was thrilled, and I recommended that he consider a more optimistic attitude going forward when it comes to pain complaints. He chuckled – I’m still not sure he got it. Regardless I felt better having shared. Don’t you always?

For those of you who have followed my struggles with moths – I hope you sleep better at night knowing that I feel I have solved the issue. All cashmere and wool in our house was washed on the cold cycle in our machine with a gentle detergent. It was then line-dried, folded neatly, and placed in large plastic bins with a few of these Moth-Away sachets (it is imperative that the bins have tops that seal tightly). This process was done with John’s knits and mine. So far, so good. You might notice a minty-fresh scent if you get within a few feet of me and John when we are wearing knitted garments, but in my opinion it’s kind of refreshing. AND much less embarrassing than having a friend point out that your sweater has a hole.

Moth Away $4.99

I know I was gushing over these sandals by Prabal Gurung for Target in this post. I still dig them but…

I dig these below so much more! Same designer, also by Target, just a bit more exciting.

Got ’em and I plan to swap out the plastic laces for real leather ones. That ought to fancy them up. I’ll wear them with the outfit below once it finally warms up this spring. That darn groundhog is always wrong.

Shoes: Prabal Gurung for Target | Jeans: AG White Stilt Jean | Bag: Givenchy Nightingale Medium Tote | Bracelet: Hermes | Sweater: T by Alexander Wang


There was a lot of anticipation heading into our weekend away in this post. I am happy to report that the Viceroy Maya Riviera blew all of our expectations. It was a pure joy to celebrate our friend’s birthday at this stunning resort. The food was fabulous, the margaritas were epic, and the weather was divine. We spent 3 full days lounging, swimming, eating, drinking, dancing, and making new friends. Heaven…


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