Great Shopping: Orchard Mile

A good friend from my city days, has recently moved into our hood. Not he, himself literally, but a brand he is intimately involved with called Orchard Mile. From now through mid-January, Orchard Mile has a pop-up shop at 371 Greenwich Avenue, next door to Le Tarte. And let me tell you, every item in the shop is something I would love to have in my personal closet. I met the co-founder, Jennie Baik, when I was in the store snapping pics this week, and she was bright, kind, and as you would imagine impeccably dressed. Baik was formerly the head of strategy at Burberry, so she knows a thing or two about how women want to shop. Orchard Mile is an e-commerce site, that offers up fabulous jewelry, clothing, accessories, handbags, and shoes from the hottest selling designers. The unique part of what they are doing is that they allow customers to create their own “shopping street” that consists of the brands they feel ally with their preferred look and tastes. That means that when you visit the site, you don’t spend hours weeding through cluttered pages to find that “one thing” you are looking for. You immediately see the brands you like, and that fit you well, because you have preset the site to specific criteria that it remembers for you. This makes the experience more like walking down a small street in Manhattan and popping in from store to store. The cool thing is that all your favorites are right there on the same block. Pretty genius if you ask me. Head on over to their site here, and if you are a local – get on in to their pop up shop to check a few more gifts off your list. Or heck, maybe even just buy a thing or two for yourself. I’m not above putting things under that tree for myself from “Santa”. As they say, if you believe, you will receive. 😉

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