How do you say I love you?

I think that sometimes it is very nice to say I love you with jewelry. John knows this, and in fairness he knew this long before he proposed. Poor John… If you agree, I have created a nice little SentimentaLIST of some baubles and bargains you might want to pass along to whoever it is that will be spoiling you this Valentine’s Day. And yes, I do know that it is nothing more than a Hallmark holiday. And no, I do not expect John to buy me jewelry on Hallmark holidays. But a girl can always dream can’t she?????

So simple, and yet it says it all…

Ariel Gordon Silhouette Heart Ring on the Sentimentalist

Ariel Gordon Heart Ring

Endless combinations. I like that it is dainty, but the letters seem solid.

Olive Yew Jewels

I would wear these with a simple black cocktail dress right now or an all white jeans ensemble all summer long.

Paolo Costagli at Betteridge

This piece is very current in emerald green (Pantone’s official color of 2013). Perfect to dress up jeans and a simple sweater for winter days on the go.

Gemma Simone

I love that these studs can add a little edge to an otherwise understated look. I usually wear simple earrings and make a statement with necklaces and bracelets.

Elaine Ho Pyramid Studs

This braided band is perfect for stacking on the right hand or for wearing on days when you want to change it up from your wedding ring. It still says “I am taken.”

Bario Neal Band on the Sentimentalist

Bario Neal Band

I adore the combination of light blue and gold. Moonstone is having a major resurgence. It’s uniqueness makes it a talking piece.

Temple St. Clair on the Sentimentalist

Temple St. Clair at Mitchells/Richards

This necklace adds a bit of whimsy to a simple tee. Perfect for day or great for layering with other necklaces at night over a black sweater and leather leggings.

Gabriela Artigas

Cupid’s arrow. Need I say more?


I ended with just a little something for the man in your life – lest we forget that it is in the giving that we truly receive.

Camilla Dietz Bergeron

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