Velvet Tote

I’ve been told that by the third child attempting to keep an organized “diaper bag” is useless. Some wipes, a pacifier, and a few diapers thrown in your purse and you are set for kid #3. I am thinking that one of these Velvet Tote Bags would be ideal for holding my usual staples like a wallet, keys, phone, pens, and pad. It’s big enough to also throw in a little extra baby gear this fall/winter. The question is which color? Velvet has come a long way since their softer than imaginable t-shirt making days. Their denim collection is spot on and their cashmere is divine. Take a peek at the whole line here. Velvet-Bags And in the meantime – which color would you choose if you were me? Leave a comment. I need your help!

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  1. Army!!!

  2. Love the Army or Brown

  3. Molly Crosland says:

    Hi Lindley, can you get these locally? Are they in any Greenwich shops or something? I’ve just started a new career in real estate, and these would be perfect for carrying around my folders and paperwork, AND all the other stuff being a Mom requires. Professional, stylish and practical!

  4. black or army green!

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