Being Prepared: The Hostess Pantry

I was reading an old issue of House Beautiful, and stumbled upon this article written by “entertainologist” Lulu Powers. She offered up a fabulous list of things to always keep on hand so that you can whip up delicious treats any time a friend pops by. The white truffle and sea salt potato chips sounded like an outrageously good idea.

Being prepared for fun any time is my kind of strategy. I am learning that I am not necessarily the type to plan a dinner party weeks in advance, but my door is always open to a friend (or many) who are in the neighborhood and stop by last minute. It takes the pressure off because a “stop-by” means they have no expectations for food or drink. If you always stock your closet with a few fun staples, you will leave each and every guest (planned or unplanned) feeling spoiled and fulfilled. Here are a few things that I always have on hand for entertaining.

Xochitl Tortilla Chips – thin, crispy, and they taste like the real deal from a great Mexican restaurant

Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds – perfect to leave out in a bowl on the coffee table, or to offer when guests don’t want a full dessert but just a bite of “something sweet”

Fig Spread – this is my favorite thing to add to a cheese plate, adds a little sweet to savory cheese

Ripe Margarita Mix – this mix, seltzer, and tequila makes a mean margarita (and it lasts over two months in the fridge)

High Quality Honey – honey has so many healing qualities and is great in iced tea or drizzled over soft cheese

Hummus – goes great with sliced veggies, crackers or toast

Healy Rosé – chilled rosé is our summer staple, and this bottle has been my summer favorite (sadly it’s sold out but it’s worth getting your name on their list for the next batch)

S.Pellegrino – feels a little more special than just a regular class of water, and makes for a great mixer

Popcorn – ideal and easy for kids, and adults devour it too when topped with olive oil and sea salt

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