Dear Old Dad

So here I am blogging about just how crafty and organized I am trying to become and what do I do? I leave shopping for Father’s Day gifts to the very last minute. Not crafty. Not organized. Sorry Dad. Sorry Husband. I may not have ordered personalized golf balls months ago but I do fancy myself to be a very good last minute shopper. SPOILER ALERT – If you are related to me stop reading now!!! Here’s what I came up with yesterday…


I’ve been on a major basket of goodies kick since writing about my friend’s cool company here.

Feelin’ hot hot hot!

We live for corn in the summer. I like boiled. John likes grilled.

Pit Mit? Yup. This means you can touch stuff on the grill and not get burned. Very badass.

A Dark and Stormy is one of our favorite summer drinks. Ginger Beer, rum, ice, lime, perfection.

** The “Gift Basket” was created solely from items I bought at HomeGoods. HomeGoods is the shiz-it! No really they are. Their stuff is quirky, interesting, useful, and affordable. I like them.


Here’s the thing about my dad. He’s a very smart man. And he’s a crafty man. That means that over the years he has gotten just about every tool one could want or need. We’ve done power washers, electric drills, GPS navigators… And the books! I would be shocked if my dad hasn’t read every single book ever written about wars of any kind. He’s old school and carries hardcover books in his briefcase on the train and subway as he commutes to work. I kind of dig it. I like things that don’t change over time. Thanks for staying predictable Dad. So because the well has finally run dry – I will be giving my dad new “mommy made portraits” of his adorable granddaughters this year. I know he’ll love it. Oh, and we’ll be barbecuing together too. Time together is really the most important part.


It might have to be all about the I.O.U. this year. These gifts are great but alas they must be ordered. So unless you get on the horn today and have them overnighted they might be a little late. But I’ve always said “better late than never”. It’s the thought that counts right?

Father's Day Gift Guide

1) USB Utility Charge Tool $24.00

How many times has dad’s phone battery run out at the least opportune time? Problem solved. This one is also good for the guy who has an iPhone and a Blackberry. It works for both.

2) Powder Pouch $8.99

Sandy feet after hanging ten with the kids at the beach? This will help to get feet clean before they get in the car. Is this really a gift for dad? Maybe… I think great gifts really do please the whole family. Right sweetie? Moms can thank me later for this one.

3) Bonobos Oxford Pants $98.00

This brand was created by a hockey player. I met him once and he said they were really made for men with “muscular” backsides and thighs. They work for my baseball boy. It’s a good thing John stopped reading after the spoiler alert or else he would be very embarrassed that I’m telling you all his ass looks great in these pants. Fun bonus – Pockets are lined with great fabrics which adds a nice little pop of color to these basic chinos!

4) TPC Sawgrass Cuff Links $149.95

We are big golfers in our house. We (READ: Lindley, NOT John) are also big on finding lost balls in the rough. It’s that whole “free” thing that always gets me. The more balls I find – the less I buy. So these cufflinks are actually made from balls that others have shanked and lost at TPC Sawgrass, headquarters of The Players Championships, on the very challenging 17th hole. RAD!

5) Schmidt Brothers Knife Board $199.95

And really what man doesn’t like knives? MEAT. KNIVES. CUTTING MEAT. All very manly… This knife holder is super chic and unique. I just need a new kitchen and then we’ll have the perfect place to put it.

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