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Fjord Fisheries on The Sent

Since moving back to Greenwich, Fjord Fish Market has become my go-to spot for buying seafood. And when I am at their Greenwich location I regularly pick up fresh produce, bread, and sauces too. Fjord is located in a shopping area that is now known as “The Hub” in Cos Cob on East Putnam Avenue. With Greenwich Cheese Co., and Fleishers Craft Butchery next door it is a great place to go for specialty food shopping this holiday season. Many of my readers already shop at Fjord and I know many also use them for catering when it comes to seafood. It wasn’t until recently that I realized just how fabulous their catering is, and that it is so much more than just seafood. Their sushi is fresh and delicious and their cold seafood platters rival any other I have tried, but they also make fabulous salads, source wonderful fresh bread, and have a relationship with their neighbor stores so you can actually get your cheese platter (sourced from Greenwich Cheese Co. next door) delivered with your order. It’s truly one stop shopping! (Rumor has it they make a mean “Fish and Chips” too. Once I’ve tried it I’ll do a full review!) Their team is a pleasure to work with and they are very flexible when it comes to special dietary needs. Now that I know how great they are, I plan to call on them again in the future. It’s party season people, let Fjord help you throw the perfect party and don’t forget to tell them The Sentimentalist sent you!

Q&A with the folks at Fjord Fisheries:

Tell us the Fjord story?

Fjord Fish Market specializes in  premium responsibly-sourced seafood.  All of our seafood is free from antibiotics, artificial colorings and other unnatural additives. Fjord makes it a priority to know where all our seafood comes from so that what we sell meets our strict standards. We choose to only work with seafood industry partners that care as much as we do about the quality of fish on your table.

We value transparency and make sure that each fish in our cases are properly labeled with maps and other important details so our customers know exactly what they are buying and eating.

Where do your source most of your seafood from?

We sell predominantly wild-caught seafood and work with a small group of established vendors who support our mission to source the best seafood possible. With Farm-raised products, we only source from partners that follow top protocols for aquaculture practices. Fjord doesn’t sell any seafood from Asia—particularly shrimp—because the current lack of regulatory oversight doesn’t match our quality standards.

What are some of the more unique fish people can find in your shop?

Skate Wing and Monkfish are some unique fish you’ll find at Fjord.

Aside from the store in Greenwich, where else can people find you?

Darien, Westport, New Canaan, and Larchmont, NY.

I often grab salad, bread, and appetizers from the Greenwich store when I am picking up seafood for the entree. Can you help people understand what else is in your shops aside from seafood?

We have a wide variety of prepared cooked fish and side dishes in our cases along with “ grab-n-go” single portion meals.   You will also always find fresh produce, bread, soups (seasonal), marinades/ sauces, spices, dry pasta –and even cookies and pies for dessert. And of course, don’t forget the sushi or Poke bars.

Fjord Fisheries on The Sent

I am obsessed with your Marlin Dip. What is the best way to serve it this holiday season?

This signature dip contains smoked fish (we can’t tell you what else because it’s a secret recipe!) and is best served on Ritz Crackers topped with our pickled jalapeño peppers (which are sold in our cases).

Aside from all the delicious food you sell in your shops, what other services do you offer?

We offer clambakes, Raw Bars, and a full menu for catering.



What are your ideal catering opportunities?

All catering opportunities are ideal for Fjord! We handle everything from small gatherings to weddings, corporate functions, boat parties, etc.  Our dedicated Catering team will work with you to plan your dream party.

Any special parties you’ve done that you can tell us about to inspire our readers?

Fjord’s Clambakes and Raw Bars are always a hit and can take place at the beach! We now offer sushi and poke bar parties, as well.

Fjord’s Fabulous Catered Foods

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