Five Friday Favorites

Just a few of my favorites…

Lashblast has been the love of my life for 4 years. She never runs, never clumps, and can even stand up to those hard to handle teary moments. She’s tough.

CoverGirl Lashblast Mascara $6.94

This is my absolute favorite kid drink. Just a little bit sweet, and a lot hydrating. And besides, how can you resist a company that names their products “Appley Ever After” and “Goodness Grapeness”?

Honest Kids $3.99/8pk

I fell for it. Two weeks ago at the hair salon I asked the stylist if I could use a little of this product. She kindly handed it over. I then asked if it was like Moroccan Oil. She replied, “It blows it out of the water.” I tried it and was sold. It’s divine.

Shu Eumera Oil-in-Cream $45

For Christmas I got a Casetagram. I chose the case design I liked most, and loaded it up with 28 of my absolute favorite Instagram photos. You can pick just one standout (like below) or collage a bunch (like I did). My pics are mostly of the girls – and my man. Now every single time I pick up my phone it makes me smile.

Casetagram $39.95+

For those mornings when you just don’t have time to cook for the minis and yourself. I always keep a case of these in the closet. Fudge Graham is my favorite.¬†Grab and go!

Zone Bar $4.24/5ct

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  1. Can imagine a morning when you’re using all at the same time…

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