Snack Attack!

snackThey say necessity is the mother of invention. Ever tried carrying a variety of snacks and three cups of gatorade outside when the kiddos get hungry and thirsty mid-play? It ain’t easy. This little trick means one trip back and forth to the kitchen versus three. Here is your answer for summer play dates! You can fill the cups with trail mix, cookies, chips, quartered granola bars, cereal, or goldfish. Fruits and veggies work too for a healthier option! Here’s to making life a little easier for all you parents out there!



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  1. Brilliant!!! My new go-to. Thx for posting!!

  2. Smart trick Lee! Will come in handy in the future!

  3. Just to be clear there was a fourth (big) kid who was very thirsty and kinda felt slighted when said inventor decided to leave one row empty.

  4. Kathy Altomaro says:

    Kiss your brain! Always thinking “outside the box”! Xo

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