Best of Gift Guide

Over the years I have gotten better and better at planning in advance for Christmas. I am seriously committed to enjoying December and being able to relax once the kids are out of school. I used to be out on Christmas Eve hustling around to find that perfect gift. Stores were crowded and inventory was low. This year I really got out ahead of the deadline and did a lot of shopping right after Thanksgiving. Here is a line up of the best things I have received or given in the last 2 years. All make great gifts!

Beautycounter Sugar Scrub – Perfect for the mama who needs to be pampered. Always chemical free and good for you. It’s the primary line of body and beauty products we use in our house. And it has really great oils in it so you don’t even have to use skin cream afterwards. Heaven.

Beach Wagon with Drink Tray – This wagon was John’s Father’s Day gift and it was rock solid all summer long. We put the chairs in. We put the cooler in. We put the towels in. And then we had a drink stand off the sand while we sat. It is a great family gift.

Q-bitz – Best game! We play this against each other and end up in hysterics. It’s great to challenge your brain. And best part is mom always beats dad. 🙂

What Happened to You? – This book was eye opening. Oprah is in her element, speaking with the brilliant Dr. Bruce Perry. Never before had I really thought about the difference in asking a struggling person “What is wrong with you?” versus “What happened to you?’ None of us will escape this world without trauma of some kind. This book really clarifies the long lasting impact of what we experienced in our youth and how we can heal it.

Truff Hot Sauce – My husband is a complete hot sauce connoisseur. This one has been in first place on his rotation for months. Hot sauce, but just a bit more classy thanks to the truffle essence.

Ember Smart Mug – This mug was gifted to me and I use it daily. I used to microwave my one cup of coffee multiple times a day. John loved finding the last bit of coffee in the mug in the microwave the next day when I’d forget it. Now thanks to this mug that syncs to your phone for temperature control, my coffee is hot to the last sip.

Apparis Faux Fur Blanket – The softest yummiest addition to any sofa. I have one in navy where we watch TV, and one in white in my bedroom for using during meditation. It feels as soft as real fur, but is a great price point.

Razor Dirt Bike MX 350 – We bought this during Covid and it is by far the most popular gadget we own. Guests love it, and our kids use it ALL the time. We use it so much that this year we are buying a second larger version for our 13 year old and her friends. This size is ideal for 11 and under! It’s battery powered so goes fast enough for fun, but slow enough that parents don’t need to worry.

Squishmallow Santa – These soft cuddly stuffies have taken our house by storm. Nothing cuter than this little Santa for cuddling all winter long.

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