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Gift Guide: Games on The Sentimentalist {QwirkleZingoMonopolyBattleshipConnect FourBrain Quest SMART GameSimonDon’t Tip The Waiter}

This Christmas we are going big on board games. The focus is on getting our kids working on their numbers, letters, reading, and fine/gross motor skills while also having fun. Games like Connect Four are also good for learning patterns and strategy. Monopoly was on our list because it’s my husband’s all time favorite. I was more of a Battleship girl myself… We are excited to put the Barbies away for a while and get playing some more games!

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  1. Our favorite family game growing up was Battleship…before it became a commercial board game. It was a game my Dad just knew about and we had hand drawn sheets…one of my fondest memories.

  2. Selina Strong says:

    Thanks for the reminder about Connect Four. We are just getting ready for some games here and that one is basic and lots of fun. Love you!

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