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You all know I get very fired up about good local businesses. Today’s post is about a fabulous site I have been meaning to blog about for some time. (I fully blame the new baby for the delay!) Please help me to welcome The Local Vault. Do you ever look around your home and feel it needs a few new pieces to spruce it up? Do you have things to sell but you are completely overwhelmed by the idea of lugging your furniture and art to a consignment store because you just don’t have the energy or time? Well, The Local Vault is going to make both those processes a lot easier for you. TLV is an online site that allows you to sell items from your own home. And if you have nothing to sell there’s no need for you to feel left out. Head on over to the site to BUY! They have furniture, lighting, and art. I also love that they are helping people in the Greenwich area to buy and sell locally – no shipping required. It’s a win on all fronts!

Q&A with The Local Vault

What is The Local Vault?

The Local Vault is an online destination site to shop highly curated pre-loved home decor as well as a showcase for talented artists and artisans who live in our community. All furnishings, artists and vendors are hand-picked by our expert crew to offer you all that is wonderful in our community! How did you come up with the idea for The Local Vault? Having been on both ends of the designing experience, decorating and redecorating… we realized there is a marketplace for great home decor that one person no longer wants but can’t bear to give away; pair this with our savvy buyers looking for beautiful items that are in great condition and immediately available. Voila, a business is born. Who are the partners? Patricia Espinosa, Julie Rubich, Betsy Perry and Joannie Buhrendorf.


What can people find on your site?

Our site is a treasure trove of transitional, traditional and modern home furnishings. While most are pre-loved they are in no way worn out! We also frequently come across items that were purchased and never used, lucky for our buyers for sure. We only take items in good to excellent condition and we are very thorough in photographing any imperfections. So if you are looking for a great console for your entryway, a sofa for your living room, a fabulous pair of lamps for your family room, we’ve got you covered. Our vignettes also offer inspiration for putting these pieces together in your home. We are also very proud to feature some wonderful and talented local artists and artisans on our site.

What are a few of your favorite items from TLV right now?

Julie: There is a pair of custom Barovier Venetian chandeliers that I would snatch up in a heartbeat if my ceilings weren’t 7′! They are huge, unique, gorgeous and less than half of what the seller paid for them. I would also not be upset if someone purchased the graphite Chesterfield sofa in the D&D collection and delivered it to my house. Not upset at all.

Betsy: I am obsessed with the Julian Chichester Console we have in our D & D Collection. I have been a big fan of that line for some time and was thrilled to be able to feature their items on our site! There are also a few lighting fixtures coming up in a sale in the very near future that have me swooning… I have you on pins and needles, I know. 😉 Patricia: Choosing a favorite item makes me feel a little like Meryl Streep in Sophie’s Choice. Everyday it seems I’m crushing on this sofa or that coffee table, but what really speaks to me is artist Andy Gershon’s photographs. His photographs of Montauk remind of summers spent there with my family. And I love how they’re printed on plexi-glass, giving them a fresh, modern look.

Joannie: I adore the antique oak French plate rack that we currently have on the site. It’s such a great looking piece to display your plates but I even love the idea of repurposing it to house all of your spices. How cool would that look in your kitchen?!

How easy is it to sell items on your site? Do people need to sell multiple items/collections or can they sell one unique piece?

Selling is easy! If you have at least 10 items to sell, simply send us an email to [email protected]. Include photos of the pieces, original price if possible, designer name, and the condition of each item you wish to sell. Our team will review your submission and arrange a free in-home appointment to photograph, measure, price, and record every detail of your items.

Is it convenient to get things delivered if you are a buyer? And for the sellers? How much does it cost?

Being that all our sales are LOCAL, our customers have the option to pick up their pieces themselves on pre-designated pick up days. If someone prefers delivery we are happy to connect you with one of our trusted movers. A TLV representative is present at all pick up’s regardless, the seller has no need to worry about any of these details.

Why do you think this idea really resonates with people in our area?

We live in an area where people appreciate good home design. There’s an unending supply of great barely-used decor. We provide a unique concierge service to our busy clients and we’re a fabulous local resource for style-savvy buyers who are looking for a great deal. Another comment we hear more and more is the immediate gratification we provide by offering same week pick-up/delivery.

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