Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide on The Sentimentalist

Crepe Pan – For the cook who loves to make pancakes or crepes on Sunday morning…

Sexy Underthings – What woman doesn’t want a little something special to make them feel sexy?

Off Scot Free Card – A get-out-of-jail-free card for that moment when you need it most.

Mon Amour Matchbox – Such a sweet little add-on for anyone who likes candles or a winter fire.

Puzzle Piece Keychain – For the sentimentalist.

Jellycat Giraffe – The softest stuffies around. The perfect gift for the new baby in your life.

Dirt Dog Soap – No words needed.

Harry’s Shave Set – My man’s favorite new shave set.

DSLR Camera Strap with Hidden Pocket – This one is for whoever takes the pictures in your home. How many times have you almost lost the lens cap? Now you have a little place to stash it!

Table Top Air Hockey – Snow days? Here’s your answer for the kiddos.

Three J NYC Pajamas – I’ve kind of got an obsession. Perfect for spring.

Mark and Graham Passport Cover – Just in time for your next trip.

Dove Dark Chocolate with Almonds – My absolute favorite!

Toms Rubber Rain Boots – In time for spring showers. And with Toms you know are you always doing good with their one-for-one donation program.

Gap Nelson Mandela Sweatshirt – Why not help your little one to send the right message?

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