Move On: A Series on Wellness

No point in holding on to the past if the past ain’t working. I have always been one for reinvention. A lot of people say, “I’m not the exercise type.” Or “I just don’t have time to work out.” I myself am guilty of uttering both. But here’s the thing – we owe it to ourselves to find out what is our type of workout and to get moving. You can pay to renovate a run down home. A tailor can sew patches onto clothes with holes. But our health is the one thing we cannot buy back once it is in decline.

Over the next few weeks I am excited to explore the realm of wellness. Each week we will be discussing the things that are out there – opportunities to bring us closer to a life of balance and good health. I want to think about what we do to increase our strength, while also quieting the constant buzz within our minds.  For some it is a cleanse or healthy diet. For others it is upping the ante on the workout front. For me the answer is yoga. For others it is running. And then there is SPIN.

It’s the exercise trend that’s sweeping the nation people. My mom swears by it. My friends adore it. I have tried it many times and holy smokes is it a workout! It’s all about getting your blood pumping, your pores sweating, and your heart pounding. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart. The instructors may push you farther and harder than you’re usually comfortable with but I think we have already admitted that sometimes we all need an extra little push. We need that nudge that gets us outside of the box. Get out there and get spinning. You’re heart will thank you later. Flywheel, one of spins biggest success stories, is sweeping the nation so be sure to click here to find a location near you.

Q & A with Jay Galluzzo, CEO and Co-Founder of Flywheel

Tell me a little about your work background and exercise history?

I have always been passionate about fitness – from team sports to surfing to running marathons. As I started getting older, I began to look for a form of exercise that was low impact on my knees but also allowed me to push myself. As soon as I began indoor cycling, I was hooked.

What finally pushed you to leave a career in law and to start your own franchise?

After years of working in law, corporate management and private equity, I wanted to start a consumer-facing storefront project. As an avid workout enthusiast, the concept of the “next generation” of indoor cycling spoke to me. We knew that incorporating our innovative on-bike and in-studio technology would place Flywheel Sports on the forefront of cycling studios nationwide. Additionally, my business partner and I sought out fitness industry icon Ruth Zukerman very early on as we knew she would be the perfect person to develop the concept, method and culture, and be the “face” of the brand.

What is Flywheel?

Flywheel indoor cycling classes deliver an intense cardio experience in a welcoming and energetic environment. This unique, full-body workout includes challenging intervals, climbs and descents, as well as an upper body workout with weighted bars to provide optimal results in 45 or 60 minutes. Our classes are led by passionate, world-class instructors. Today, Flywheel Sports has opened 20 + studios nationwide, tapping key cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and Philadelphia as well as an international studio in Dubai. Flywheel will be opening seven additional studios in the fall, including a new studio in Boston.

In addition to Flywheel classes, many of our studios offer FlyBarre, a 60-minute body sculpting class that blends the best of circuit training, yoga, dance, Pilates, strength building and stretching. FlyBarre, is the perfect complement to our indoor cycling classes.

How is it different than a traditional spin class at any other gym?

From our interactive technology to curated playlists by our in-house DJ, Flywheel offers an unparalleled indoor cycling experience from the moment you step into any of our studios. All Flywheel studios are darkly lit for comfort and feature stadium-style seating so that all of our riders have an unobstructed view of the instructor – every seat is the best seat. We offer all riders unprecedented amenities including complimentary indoor cycling shoes, towels and Bliss hair and body products.

Flywheel proprietary bikes and custom performance tracking technology have set the benchmark in the indoor cycling world. This technology allows riders to accurately view their resistance (Torq), speed (RPM) and energy exerted. In addition riders can also compete with one another by having their name displayed on TorqBoards, large flat screen displays at the front of every studio that show class leaders. After each ride, comprehensive performance data is stored and made available to riders on their “My Performance Page” at, facilitating individual goal setting and additional performance tracking.

How often should someone take classes? And how will it change your body?

Flywheel is for everyone – we have some riders specifically looking to lose weight and others who have made Flywheel a lifestyle, attending classes daily. You’ll burn a ton of calories, between 500-700 calories and by taking several classes a week, you’ll feel and see yourself growing stronger and leaner quickly. It is this incentive, as well as our amazing and supportive community, that keeps our clients constantly coming back for more, myself included.

What is the toughest thing about owning your own company?

It’s hard to “turn off.” There is always something to work on – whether it be explaining new workouts, refining the experience, or reviewing customer feedback. The whole team is passionate to the point of fanaticism, and we work hard. We always have to remind ourselves, “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

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