Cabin Fever

Sarah Sherman Samuel is a super cool graphic designer who is the mastermind behind the blog Smitten Studio. She also creates a unique line of home goods called “A Sunny Afternoon” – all American made goods and great for gifting. While Samuel permanently resides in LA – she and her husband Rupert recently bought a small cabin on Lake Michigan near where she grew up. It’s charming. Clearly she’s incredibly talented. Wondering if she plans on renting this little cabin once it is finished???

I can’t imagine a more idyllic place to perch while reading a good book or the morning paper. She chose these chairs. Love!

This kitchen is perfectly proportioned. Great counter space for cheffing up Sunday Supper.

The open shelving makes everything accessible. The wooden serving boards are from her collection!

I love the simplicity of wood, black, and white. With just a dash of flash…

A Breakfast Nook

The living room is super light and very inviting.

With just a touch of fun…

A Swell Place to Dwell

Especially after she added this DIY version of a simple Ikea Dresser.

A cozy place for 2 to 4…

And the most fun part: Before & Afters

Exteriors Before

Exterior After

Bathroom Before

Bathroom After

Samuel sawed off the long legs (yes, this chick wields a saw!) and used white and gold paint to make this dresser one-of-a-kind.

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Bedroom Before

Bedroom After

images: Sarah Sherman Samuel 

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  1. I wish I could do this–I get a high from seeing these before and afters! Wow. She’s a magician, I want to stay there.

  2. Lobe the new design. Great eye great work! -berkley

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