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I’ve got a cousin-in-law who is just one of those women. Effortlessly chic in a casual and cool kind of way. Bohemian yet modern. Relaxed but always accessorized with a piece that is truly unique. She has a lot of talents – one of them being a keen eye for interior design – and that’s why she and dear friend Samantha started Clover. They see the potential in a well-loved piece and scour the US looking for items they love. I was lucky enough to stop by the studio (a totally charming refurbished barn) and got a sneak peek at her newest stock of furniture and decorative pieces. As I oohed and ahhed over everything I realized that I didn’t just want to buy them – I wanted Courtney and Samantha to come and instal them too. Decoration is not my strong point. Court, want to come and redo my house???

Get it before it’s gone… Each item is one-of-a-kind and will undoubtedly add a little swagger to your interior design. Courtney and Samantha are hosting a three-day sale later this week. GO!!


Cocktails and Shopping

Thursday June 13th 6pm-9pm


Friday June 14th 9am-3pm

Saturday June 15th 10am-3pm

The Clover Barn

50 Pound Ridge Road

Bedford, NY


To book by appointment:

Courtney 914-733-2002

Samantha 914-552-3248

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