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Back in the day I was a bonafide news junky. The TV was turned on at all times when I was at home and I was usually tuned into my local news channel. It was the industry I worked in and I was dead set on staying on top of it. (In my opinion there are few things less unsettling than watching the news and feeling like the reporter or anchor doesn’t really know the details of the story they are reporting.) I was plugged in 24-7, even sleeping with my cell phone by my bed in case the news room called with a request for me get to work in the middle of the night.

These days with two kids at home and on my heels at all times I feel completely uncomfortable turning on the news. Even in the car I am dissuaded from listening to 1010WINS as they regularly cut to stories about international civil wars, unrest in the Gaza Strip, and local stories that focus on violence and crime. My morning is too busy for a full sit-down paper read so I have found some great online sources that give me the abridged version of the days most important stories.

In my years working at CNN, News12, and NY1 the on-air personality I most respected and admired was Pat Kiernan. He is truly one of a kind with his dry whit and candid delivery. Whenever I told people I worked at NY1 they immediately asked me if I knew Pat Kiernan. He had and continues to have a cult following. Pat was always thoroughly prepared for every story he covered and he treated each of his coworkers (from the highest level news directors to the youngest interns) with respect and integrity. He always made time for someone who needed advice or had a question. Although I left NY1 in 2008 he remains there to this day and I have every confidence he is still the class act he once was.

Pat's Papers on The Sentimentalist

One of the most popular segments Pat did at NY1 was a daily bit called “In The Papers”. God only knows how he had the time but prior to work at the crack of dawn each day Pat scoured multiple papers and plucked the most interesting headlines from multiple sources to share with his viewers. A few years ago Pat brought his talents to the internet and now publishes a site called Pat’s Papers. He curates the best stories of the day and delivers a daily email to his followers that sums up what the papers are reporting. It’s not just “front page” stories either. As I would have expected Pat really digs in and often finds the funniest and most interesting pieces from deep within the newspapers. It’s one of the most interesting emails I get each day. I recommend you subscribe immediately.

Another great read is called The Skimm. Started by a group of young female New Yorkers they seem to have nailed the market when it comes to what busy women on the go want to read when searching for the boiler plate version of national news from politics to sports.

The Skimm on The Sentimentalist

They are pithy and clever – sometimes perhaps a bit “young” sounding with their tongue in cheek jokes and abbreviations – but they really are on top of what has happened 24 hours prior to their delivery. I wake up every morning to find an email from them in my inbox and I give it a quick read (takes less than 5 minutes) before I start my day. Well done ladies. I am hooked.

There’s a lot going on in this world. Here’s to living busy lives, staying informed, and sharing the news that’s worth printing!


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