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Just a few of my favorite things right now. I know that anxiety is running high for many with news of coronavirus getting worse and worse. Despite my inclination to veer towards hysteria, I am staying calm, washing hands, and still booked to get on a plane in two weeks for spring break. I was meditating over the weekend and was overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude that the kids, John, and I are not a high risk group with the Coronavirus. It was one small way of finding good within what is a very challenging situation for many. Hoping some of these great buys can help to take your focus off anything bringing you down today.

Kopari deodorant has become a favorite in our home. It smells like heaven and has no talc, parabens, or heavy metals. Great for tweens and teens!

When my middle got the flu a few weeks ago, and my youngest spiked a fever, my little brother recommended that the rest of us start taking elderberry extract. My 9 year old had the flu for 8 full days, and then my little guy was better after 4 days. I can’t say it was 100% the elderberry, but the more I read about it, the more I believe in it. The science says it can help keep you healthy. Elderberry is full of antioxidants, vitamin C, phenolic acids, and flavonols.

And if you are homebound and looking for a great game, Labyrinth was recommended by a coworker, and we played ALL weekend long. It’s great for 7 and up. And rumor has it it’s fun for adults with cocktails too.

And this book, Maybe You Should Talk To Someone, had me laughing, crying, and nodding along in almost every chapter. Written by a therapist, about her experience in therapy, this book is chock full of wisdom about why we humans do what we do, how our histories shape us, and that even the professionals sometimes need a wise person to listen and help. It’s a great reminder that we are all human.

When my mom gave me this electric tea kettle last year for Christmas, I chuckled and dismissed it as a “random” gift. But boy was I wrong. I use it almost daily. It’s remarkable how quickly it gets water to boiling. Perfect for tea twice a day, and for instant oatmeal for kids in the morning. Any time I can veer away from using the microwave I am happy. I personally can’t stand when I grab a mug from the microwave and singe the inside of my fingers and palm. This is a great option because the mug doesn’t get heated, just the water does. Green tea people. SO MANY health benefits. Just in case you are worried about germs… 😉

And when I recently flew out west I watched two movies EACH DIRECTION. It was honestly my idea of heaven. Each of these movies focused on incredibly heavy topics, but they are well worth watching. Harriet tackles racism, showing many of the most gruesome sides of that disturbing time in our country’s life. And yet, the movie also focuses deeply on feminism, and what can happen if one person decides to bravely raise their voice to help others. And Jojo Rabbit is a heart wrenching look at anti-semitism, but they were also able to use dark humor to poke fun at the people who allowed World War II to wreak such havoc on our world. And while Parasite was the most twisted and troubled plot I have ever watched, I was more fascinated by what I learned about classism in South Korea. I felt ignorant when it had finished because I realized how little I knew about how the poor are living in many big cities outside the US. And Judy shined a light into what addiction and mental illness did in Judy Garland’s life. It reminded me that even the most shiny facades are often hiding real trouble and deep pain under the surface. A good perspective to remember any time we convince ourselves that others seem to have it easier than we do. We will really never know someones experience unless we spend a day walking in their shoes.

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