June: Links I Love

June-Links Do you tell your daughter she is pretty or pretty brilliant? Think about the difference. Great work Verizon.

Yes White House. Yes, yes ,yes. One sexual assault is too many. This video is a powerful message.

More hilarious texts from parents…

I am fascinated by human language and communications. I never thought about the words that cannot be translated between languages…

Talk about true grit! This runner speaks volumes about endurance and never giving up!

Super sneaky tricks for keeping your make-up and hair products well organized and displayed.

Do you work hard enough on being kind? This graduation speech by George Saunders caused me to pause and think about whether or not I am practicing kindness.

I will make these pretzels in the near future. I will. I am so going to have good handwriting one day…

This tutorial on how to fake calligraphy is incredible!

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images: Image of Sport, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Damon Winters

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