April: Links I Love


A refreshing smoothie for spring and summer!

The perfect little place cards for Easter supper.

Lemon ice cream? Yes please!

So many Ted Talks, so little time… Here are a few worth watching.

This DIY is simple and perfect for a white windowsill.

I want this candle. To burn and then to use as a planter.

Stunning views from above.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the rituals these highly successful people do every day.

I was blown away by these images from around the world of children’s sleeping spaces. Our children are so very lucky to be tucked in to warm beds each night.

This commercial is hysterical. Who among us can really resist dancing babies?

Men getting their nuts waxed for a good cause. Priceless.

Every one of these places has been added to my bucket list. Unreal!

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  1. What a great list!! I’m off to read about the unusual rituals right now. xox

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