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This world wide web is quite a place. One link just leads to another. Page after page we go… Here are some of my favorite findings from this week. Happy reading!

1) Dance is life. I like it when dance happens within life. Photographer Jordan Matter is spectacular. So are his “dancers”.

2) It’s no secret I am slightly obsessed with Instagram. Imagine if you could snap a little picty like this from your phone. Staggering work…

3) Mmmmmmm cookies. Who knew? More flour, less butter. Less butter, more flour.

4) Get a bag like this one. Make it your own. Oh, and check out Garance Doré. She’s one Cool French Chick.

5) One more week of summer. Time to make one more pie.

6) Au revoir les lèvres pink. Bonjour les lèvres berry.

7) Loving the low bootie in this post. More fall styles to come later this month on The Sent!

8) Hello foxy! Here is one of the niftiest photo projects I have seen yet.

9) A Father’s farewell to a son off to college. Thank goodness we are just facing pre-k!

10) I always include a lunchbox note. Maybe it’s time I upgrade my program.

11) And with the click of a mouse I found my fall hair inspiration…

12) Hubby, could you build us one of these?

13) Summer’s over. Rock on into the fall. I’m digging Bleached. Give this song a try…

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  1. LOVE the ballet dancers in random places!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    you’ve inspired me to make cookies! i’m a more butter, more brown sugar kinda gal though… very cool test. xAngela

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