October: Links I Love

October Links I Love on The Sentimentalist

As October draws to an end here are some of my favorite links from around the web. Click on the bolded words to see the links. 

A great little chart on the most efficient way to organized your fridge and maximize freshness.

Love this little apartment. It’s a busy moms private getaway for her and her lady friends.

If you knew me in college you know I rocked a fringed suede Guess jacket. Gosh do I wish I had held onto it…

I can never figure out how much alcohol to buy for a party. This post breaks it all down.

Would give a pinky to be a part of Bunny Mellon’s auction at Sotheby’s in November. She had such a fabulous sense of style… I’d take each and every item up for auction. Especially the house and gardens.

This video made me feel like I was going to pass out. Unbelievable cycling by Danny Macaskill!

Totally smitten with this round up of great pie crust ideas. So creative and perfect for the holidays!

It’s sweater season people. Here’s how to keep them clean and in good shape all winter long!

I found this article from The New Yorker to be riveting. Considering the first books I ever read in their entirety were Harlequin Romances I must say I am more from the camp of “most reading is good reading”. Give guidance and then let children choose. What’s your opinion? Leave a comment below!

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