These are the things I’ve been digging on this month. The images, words, and people that have made me wonder deeper, breathe more easily, and remember what matters. If something hits my heart I screenshot it. Revisiting this album fascinated me. What are you inspired enough to screenshot for future reminders???

What if every day you woke up and immediately saw the astonishing light of your own being?

Me. Every. Damn. Time.

Lots of storms these days friends. Can you believe even just a little that you are evolving for the better from it?

If you don’t know @august.designs then you are missing out. Best female small biz owner and chicest inventory ever!

Last week I posted about the turmoil my soul was feeling this past month. This quote, posted by friend and jewelry designer @elizasloanejewelry really hit home.

My dear friend moved in during Covid. It was a gift from the heavens above She speaks so much life and love into me and my family. She sent me this quote just when I needed it most.

No words for this one. Why as a country are we so bad at this? I want to help and need to figure out how. I’ve signed enough petitions. I want to do more. It’s time.

I can’t even with you @floepainting. This new “wallpaper” design is epic!

We can do better than we are doing on both fronts.

Love this chic little bag for summer. Not enough room for an IPhone. Maybe that’s a good thing… 😉

Dying to try this on a cabbage slaw this summer! @healthygirlkitchen posts such great content.

We are about to finally redo our kitchen. MAJOR inspiration in this pic from @markdsikes.

You know, just in case you wanted to get your heart rate up. Spring in the burbs. Text from my husband on a Friday. Eeeeep!

I just can’t seem to help myself… What a waste of energy though? I am vowing today to waste less time dissecting every little thing. I am going to be the water that flows around the rock in the middle of the stream.

I am obsessed with this podcast, The Knowledge Project. Just brilliant content. @tkpodcast This interview with PHD Andrew Huberman blew my mind. @hubermanlab Thanks to him I am now off of melatonin and sleeping better on some incredible new supplements. I walked away from this listen much wiser.

Look who got caught crossing our property line and going through recycling bins in the neighbor’s yard?!? Piggy gene strikes again! This dog will literally do anything for a lick of food!!!

Imagine if we tried to see ourself in each person we interacted with today? Even that a-hole who honked their horn at you on the main drag when you slowed down to let someone cross.

Hardest and best job ever…

The first shot we got of sweet Jo Jo. Love at first sight!


I am a BOSS at worrying.

Best playlist ever from Her online zoom classes are epic!

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