Where’d you go music video?

mtvI can remember in my early teens watching hours and hours of videos on MTV. Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” was one of the first I ever saw (mind blowing!) and Madonna on the beach in “Cherish” was an all time favorite. Who here knows what I am talking about? Now I sadly wouldn’t even know where to turn on the 1000+ cable channels we possess to find straight up music videos. These days MTV is nothing but reality TV… Boo.

I must admit I still love a good music video. I love to watch the visual version of what artists think tells the story of their song. Thank God for YouTube! I found this incredible video for the song “Chandelier” by Sia earlier today. I adore the song and will now joyfully envision this exceptional young dancer every time I listen to it. Take a peek. It’s way cool. A tad freaky but still impossible to tear your eyes away from…


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