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This Friday the girls and I had an epic night. John was out so we had a pizza party/movie night just the three of us. We were even allowed to eat on the sofa. Ooh-eee did things get crazy! We took a group vote and after watching 4 previews decided on a movie called “Born To Be Wild” which is a National Geographic documentary. The film focuses on two very special orphanages that are halfway around the world from each other – one rehabilitating baby elephants in Kenya and the other baby orangutans in Borneo. Both groups of animals are rescued after losing their parents due to poaching and the destruction of rain forests respectively. The girls were fascinated by the animals and their caretakers and I of course was reduced to a blubbering mess as I pondered how these little animals must feel being left alone in the world without their parents.

I do not take lightly the man-made plagues that are endangering our wildlife. And neither do those who run the Wildlife Conservation Society. Their research indicates that 96 elephants are killed every day in Africa. Increasing demand for ivory is fueling a brutal slaughter of African elephants. The situation has become so grave that poachers are now lacing watering holes with cyanide and wiping out all of the elephants drinking there at once. Baby elephants are being left to die without their parents. If the killing is allowed to continue, elephants could be extinct in the next ten years.


The WCS and my friend Melissa Hawks are inviting those who care about this cause to join them this Thursday, May 1st at the Greenwich Country Day School Performing Arts Center to see a 50 minute film by National Geographic and speak with film producer Katie Carpenter and a scientist from the Wildlife Conservation Society who is in the field trying to save the last of the elephants. I will be there because I believe all animals great and small deserve our help. You can buy tickets here.

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