Best Books: The Snatchabook

Guess who?

When I was young there was a rule in our household. With toys and candy there were reasonable limits, but with books the sky was the limit. My mom couldn’t imagine limiting our access to reading so she very rarely declined a  request to buy books. I remember waiting with bated breath each fall for the book fair at school. (Yes, admittedly I’ve always been a bit of a geek.) We were allowed to visit the book fair during the day at school, knowing that our parents could pick up our stack of books when they visited that night. It was heaven. I walked the rows – running my hands along the stacks of books. Admiring the glossy covers and flipping through some of the titles that had the best illustrations. I always walked away with a diverse selection.

I am now the proud owner of many of the books that I cherished as a child. They were passed on to me in musty cases and I painstakingly wiped each one clean a few years back when Emma and Sophie were ready to move beyond board books. While I love rereading my old books with my daughters I also want them to have their own sense of ownership and the pleasure of reading books that are their very own. I fantasize that someday the books they have chosen will end up in their own children’s hands.

I still love a good book fair but most of my book buying takes place at Diane’s Books in Greenwich. Diane is truly unique. I can safely say that I have never in my life met someone more passionate about the written word than Diane. She has a book recommendation for everyone. Here in a new series called “Book It” is my favorite book of the moment. It was bought at Diane’s and has been in full rotation since we brought it home. Allow me to introduce you to The Snatchabook, by Helen and Thomas Docherty.

I must admit I am a complete sucker for a well illustrated children’s book. The images in The Snatchabook are divine. So precious and animated. You feel the character’s emotions as you turn the pages. The words and pictures are in perfect sync.

Eliza Brown is a little rabbit who loves reading – as do all the other creatures who live in her hollow, Burrow Down. The entire neighborhood is shocked and horrified when someone starts stealing the books they are reading right out of their hands! Enter our unsuspecting villain.

The precious little Snatchabook has some explaining to do and it is up to Eliza to help him come up with a plan to stop snatching!

And with the help of little Miss Brown – the Snatchabook who is parentless and really just looking for reading companions – has found his answer.

As you can imagine, all ends well in this sweet little holllow. Phew! I marvel over the minds that come up with stories that appeal to children. I fall in love with the characters right alongside my girls – often going back to a good book three nights in a row. This is one that I am sure will become a regular in your home. Enjoy!

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