Have You?

Friends. Have you? Have you allowed yourself to sit amongst the chaos of back to school and back from Covid lockdown and just do nothing? Here is your invitation. One of the biggest takeaways I have learned from the last 1.5 years in Covidland is that we are allowed to and we actually NEED to stop from time to time and process what is happening around us. I think many of us fear that lack of motion means laziness. That just isn’t the case. I have found that quiet time alone is one of the best ways for me to settle my “crazy” brain and calm my nervous system. When possible I allow myself to linger in bed for fifteen extra minutes after I have woken up. I let my brain roll through the plan for the day and my concerns. I then find that when I get up I am more present from that time on my own inside my head.

I also practice Transcendental Meditation. I don’t find time to meditate 2 times a day for twenty minutes as they prescribe, but I make sure that every afternoon I sit for twenty minutes. I find that afterwards I can face the pick ups, drop offs, kids sports, and dinner-making much more easily.

And if you say, “Well I am not really creative so this doesn’t apply to me.” Then I challenge you to try creativity again. All of us need outlets and ways to decompress. For many of us we assume that physical activity and workouts are that outlet. For me, exercise actually does not give me that same zen buzz as pottery, doodling, listening to music, etc. Being creative can mean cooking, teaching children, training animals, playing piano, writing a note to a friend – not just arts and crafts. Most of us do some of these things daily. Next time you do them, see the opportunity to use your creativity to make them more enjoyable for yourself and those around you.

Today I invite you to sit, do nothing, and allow your brain to de-stress and get creative. Trust me. You’ll be glad you did.

** I saw this quote on Heather Clawson’s beautiful fall blog post and it really spoke to me. She writes the blog Habitually Chic and I love her content. It’s well worth clicking the link and seeing her other fall inspiration!

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