He-llo Movember!

It’s MOVEMBER people. For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about – it’s a movement that started in 2003 with the goal of raising awareness for men’s health issues. The Movember community has raised $559 million to date and funded over 800 programs in 21 countries. If you know a man you know that they often have a tough time talking about their feelings, admitting they are wrong, and acknowledging when they need help. (Sorry dear hubby but you know this is true. Ha!) Just because we don’t talk about it – it doesn’t mean that men aren’t suffering unnecesarily.

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Source: Movember Foundation

This campaign was created to bring awareness to the health issues that affect men and to shine a light on what men can be doing to help themselves stay healthier and happier. As a global men’s health movement, the Movember Foundation wants  to contribute to improving the lives of men around the world. They challenge men to grow moustaches during Movember (the month formerly known as November) to spark conversation and raise funds for prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems. Don’t get me wrong – I really did think Tom Selleck as Magnum PI was a good looking man – but I must say ‘staches aren’t my thing. Now give me a scruffy looking guy with a little extra stubble all around and I am hooked. Here for your viewing pleasure is a great line up of hair-adorned faces. Enjoy! And tell the man you love (husband, boyfriend, brother or father) that now’s the time to get a check-up and to commit to a healthier year ahead. We love our men and they should love themselves too!



  1. Yes! So I just happen to be sitting in the RIDMV (without my kindle) and decide to catch up on some emails. I open your blog and it’s my lucky day! Turns out I’m a big fan of Movember!

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