Holding On Tight

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I have been cataloguing images recently and it has me in a very sentimental mood. I have the images seared into my mind that show me where I have been these last few years, and how I’ve spent my time. The photos show me what matters most. My marriage is far from perfect. But I love my man something fierce. Yet I am sure he would tell you he doesn’t see that fierce love coming his way often enough. My kids drive me crazy, and at the same time fill me with heart exploding love every day. I question my purpose, and I know I am right where I am supposed to be. I wonder if I am doing enough. I wonder if I am doing too much. I have great friends, the kind you can call at any hour day or night. And in the dark of night, I worry that no one likes me. I am grateful for God. I wonder where he is sometimes. I know I can do this. I fear I can’t. My life is a seesaw of great highs and lows, and I will take it all. I’ll take the messy, the neat, the tears, and the smiles. Life does feel so fleeting sometimes. And I am committed to being grateful for all I’ve been given. Above all – I don’t want these moments to end. Sometimes a song captures a feeling. This song, “Say You Won’t Let Go”, by James Arthur, is everything. I want more of it all. And for it to last forever. Even on my hardest day.



  1. Love this post. And love you for everything you are.

  2. So beautiful… Thank you for sharing and saying so much of what we all feel sometimes…

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