Monday Music Memories

Let’s do it. Let’s go back. Way back. Back to a time when you wore crop tops. A time when your jeans were “pegged ” at the ankle and a flannel shirt was synched around your waist. Snapple Peach Iced Tea and Blow Pops qualified as a food group. Your first concert? It must have been Phish. Or maybe The Allman Brothers at Gaint’s Stadium? Beer just tasted so darn good back then… And your parents – their primary goal in life was to drive you crazy. 90210 was all the mattered and house parties meant fake ids and illicit kegs hidden in the bushes behind your best friend’s house. And then there was the first kiss. You know the one I am talking about.┬áThis music is reminiscent of when “heavy petting” was as far as you went…

It’s Monday. We need music and I needed a little trip down memory lane. Sit back, press play, and reminisce with me. There are 16 songs worth of memories here. Don’t let them make you feel old. Let them make you wish you were still that young.

* Don’t forget to scroll down on the Spotify image to see the whole list. It’s pretty rad.

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