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If you have been following along for some time you know that I am obsessed¬†with photos. Especially those of children. By far one of my favorite photographers in the area is Charisse Czaja. Her photos are stunning! Add that pure talent on top of her being a spectacular person (Superhero Among us ALERT!) and I’m sold. Charisse has a calm sweet way about her and she really resonates with children. Our photo shoot was wrapped up quickly and she had all five of us grinning from ear to ear the entire time. I’ve saved a few of my favorite shots for Christmas cards but you can see the image above and the three below are fantastic. I promise you that we spend 90% of the weekend in jammies with jelly on our faces, and getting all three kids to smile is no small feat. Before she arrived we had some serious grumpsters in our house. Charisse really did magically transform us. She is only one woman so her schedule books up. And because she is so very good her pricing can be prohibitive to those looking to just capture a moment, a party, or a season in your families life. That’s why she created a new small business called Candyshop Photography. Think of it as Charisse’s “little sister” company. Same great photos, with photographers she has trained and hand-chosen, at a lower price point and a slightly shorter session. You, my dear readers are in luck because Candyshop has a few mini-sessions coming up this weekend. Early bird gets the worm. Sign up here.

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Q&A with Charisse Czaja, Photographer

What is Candyshop Photography?

Candyshop Photography is all about fun, colorful, professional photography of children engaged in activities they love. When it comes to kids, it seems like every moment is so adorable we want to hold on to it forever. Candyshop makes it affordable to get professional photos of your children a few times a year.

Why did you come up with this alternative option to your traditional shoots?

Every year I receive tons of requests for mini sessions, candid at-home sessions and children’s parties. I’ve owned Charisse Photography for 12 years and have repeat customers every year and don’t have the time to do these other sessions. I was turning away business and didn’t have anyone to recommend to these potential clients. I started brainstorming with my business coach in February and decided to create my sister company, CANDYSHOP PHOTOGRAPHY. The company is made up of talented photographers who are not only sweet, but love working with children. I’m now able to offer affordable and accessible professional photos of children taken by talented photographers, and with my 12 years of success in the industry, I can offer Candyshop clients exceptional customer service.

What sort of packages do you offer?

We offer three affordable packages that include the digital files, an option to buy prints, and a link to one of our favorite photography resources for fun photo products.

1) Seasonal mini-sessions at a local park
2) In-home sessions of your children engaged in activities they love
3) All types of parties

Visit to learn more about our packages.

Who are the photographers?

Candyshop photographers are talented, bright and love photographing children and capturing events.

Where do the shoots take place?

Our mini sessions are seasonal and are taken at a local park. Our other sessions are anywhere the client wants us to be (at home, a favorite park, or the beach).

Will you (Charisse) still be doing photo sessions if people what to work directly with you?

I will still be offering sessions with me through Charisse Photography. I will not be shooting for Candyshop. But so far everyone has been thrilled with the photographers I’ve hand-picked and am mentoring.

Who is the ideal client for Candyshop?

Moms that want to document their children a few times a year at an affordable price.

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